Easter, Earth & A Lunar Eclipse: April Content Marketing Ideas

By Jess Budde

There's no post about content marketing this month, I'm so over it... APRIL FOOLS!

If you didn't laugh at that, you're forgiven. April fools jokes can be fun, but they don't necessarily tickle everybody's fancy. And if you're one of those less-ticklish types, you'll be pleased to know that there are a zillion other things April is (or at least should be) known for. All about garlic? There's a day for you. Is safe digging a cause close to your heart? This is your month! Remember, the secret to content marketing isn't just tweeting out wishes of a Happy Thomas Jefferson Day - it's about finding organic connections between what you do and what's happening in the world. So check out all the great events April has to offer and prepare to wow the content world!


  • April 1: April Fools Day, Atheist Day,  Sourdough Bread Day, Batman Day, Reading Is Funny Day, International Tatting Day (tatted lace, not tattoos)
  • April 2: Ferret Day, Reconciliation Day, Children's Books Day, National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day
  • April 3: Mule Day, Fish Fingers & Custard Day, World Party Day, Tweed Day, Find A Rainbow Day, Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day
  • April 4: World Rat Day, National Walk To Work Day, Hug A Newsman Day, Vitamin C Day, Deep Dish Pizza Day, School Librarian Day, Tell A Lie Day
  • April 5: Pillow Fight Day, Tangible Karma Day, Go For Broke Day
  • April 6: Army Day, Plan Your Epitaph Day, Tartan Day, Sorry Charlie Day
  • April 7: Beaver Day, World Health Day, Beer Day, No Housework Day, Caramel Popcorn Day
  • April 8: Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day, Be Kind To Lawyers Day, All Is Ours Day
  • April 9: Winston Churchill Day, Cherish An Antique Day, Name Yourself Day
  • April 10: National Sibling Day, International Safety Pin Day, Golfer's Day
  • April 11: Day Of Silence, Pet Day, Barbershop Quartet Day, Eight Track Tape Day, National Submarine Day
  • April 12: Walk On Your Wild Side Day, Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, Russian Cosmonaut Day, Licorice Day, Big Wind Day
  • April 13: Scrabble Day, Thomas Jefferson Day
  • April 14: Dolphin Day, Look Up At The Sky Day, Reach As High As You Can Day, Ex Spouse Day, International Moment Of Laughter Day, National Pecan Day
  • April 15: One Day Without Shoes, Titanic Remembrance Day, Library Workers Day, Take A Wild Guess Day, Rubber Eraser Day, That Sucks Day, Equal Pay Day, Bicycle Day
  • April 16: Save The Elephant Day, Stress Awareness Day, National Librarian Day, Bookmobile Day, National Eggs Benedict Day
  • April 17: Nothing Like A Dame Day, National Cheeseball Day, Blah Blah Blah Day, Kickball Day, Bat Appreciation Day (the animal, not the baseball-hitter), Poem In Your Pocket Day, Haiku Poetry Day, Ford Mustang Day
  • April 18: Columnists Day, Pet Owners Independence Day, Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day, Amateur Radio Day, International Juggler's Day
  • April 19: National Garlic Day, Hanging Out Day, Auctioneers Day, Record Store Day
  • April 20: Easter, Chinese Language Day, Look Alike Day, Volunteer Recognition Day
  • April 21: Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day, Kindergarten Day, Dyngus Day, Patriot's Day
  • April 22: Earth Day, National Jelly Bean Day, Girl Scout Leader Day
  • April 23: World Book Night, International Marconi Day, Administrative Professionals Day, Talk Like Shakespeare Day, Lover's Day, National Zucchini Bread Day, Take A Chance Day
  • April 24: Take Your Child To Work Day, Teach Your Children To Save Day, Pig In A Blanket Day
  • April 25: World Penguin Day, Arbor Day, Malaria Day, Hug A Plumber Day, DNA Day, Hairball Awareness Day, East Meets West Day
  • April 26: Save The Frogs Day, Sense Of Smell Day, Richter Scale Day, World Veterinarian Day, Hug An Australian Day, National Pretzel Day
  • April 27: National Prime Rib Day, Tell A Story Day, Morse Code Day, Pinhole Photography Day, Babe Ruth Day
  • April 28: International Astronomy Day, Blueberry Pie Day, Workers' Memorial Day, Kiss Your Mate Day, Cubicle Day, Biological Clock Day
  • April 29: World Wish Day, Zipper Day, National Shrimp Scampi Day, International Dance Day, Greenery Day
  • April 30: International Guide Dogs Day, Hairstyle Appreciation Day, National Honesty Day, Oatmeal Cookie Day, International Jazz Day

 adam gold


  • Salmon & trout fishing season: begins April 1st in New York State (and other areas)
  • April 15th: taxes are due, and there'll be a total lunar eclipse (the first of 2 this year)
  • April showers bring May flowers: in other words, deal with the rain, embrace it even! It's worth it in the end.
  • Spring cleaning: Spring technically started in March, so if you haven't gotten your clean on yet, better hurry up
  • April is the official month of: adopting greyhounds, testicular cancer awareness, couples appreciation, safe digging, Arab American heritage, home improvement, Autism awareness, celebrating diversity, stress awareness, poetry, the ASPCA, straw hats, jazz appreciation, gardens, decorating, humor, pecans, welding, sexual assault awareness, soy foods, donating life, records and information management, child abuse prevention, guitars, and keeping America beautiful
  • The first week of April is dubbed: Read A Road Map Week, Medication Safety Week, Laugh At Work Week, Golden Rule Week
  • Week two honors: Garden Week, Explore Your Career Options Week, National Public Health Week, Youth Violence Prevention Week, National Animal Control Appreciation Week, Window Safety Week
  • Week three celebrates: Medical Labs Week, National Robotics Week, Organize Your Files Week, Crime Victims Rights Week, Environmental Education Week, Undergraduate Research Week, Consumer Awareness Week
  • The last week of the month is: National Karaoke Week, Administrative Assistants Week, Bedbug Awareness Week, Police Officers Who Gave Their Lives In The Line Of Duty Week, Animal Cruelty Awareness Week, National Toddler Immunization Week, Playground Safety Week, National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, National Tattoo Week


  • April 10-13: Masters - Augusta National
  • April 13: London Marathon
  • April 15: Jackie Robinson Day
  • April 16: Stanley Cup Playoffs begin
  • April 19: NBA Playoffs begin
  • April 21: Boston Marathon

Pop Culture

  • April 4: Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters
  • April 6: 49th ACM Awards (that's the Academy of Country Music), Game Of Thrones season 4 premiere on HBO
  • April 11-13: Coachella
  • April 13: 2014 MTV Movie Awards, Mad Men season 7 premiere on AMC
  • April 16: Charlie Chaplin's birthday (1889)
  • April 23: Shirley Temple's birthday (1928)
  • April 25-27: Counterpoint

Whoop, there it is! More April content-y goodness than you can likely wrap your head around. But that's OK, better to have too many ideas than none at all. Stay tuned as our content marketing series continues - coming up next is an updated post on what's happening in May. Until then, remember: no rain, no gain!

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By Jess Budde

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  1. Author's Headshot
    Jessica MH Smith March 31, 2014

    Great roundup as usual! April 23rd is also Shakespeare's birth and death day, and April is National Poetry Month in the U.S.

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