Creating Guiding Principles for a Company & Our Marketing Team's Core Values

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By Jill Fecher

During a recent new client onboarding meeting here at Cypress North, the CMO of the company took the time to run through their guiding principles with us. It was a unique experience and had us thinking about taking our own Marketing Team's guiding principles here at Cypress North and making them more permanent. We talk a lot about what is most important for us as a company, what should drive efforts, and how to interact, but we hadn't written it down before. The goal is to help new employees quickly understand these core values we live by and have a set of values to reference when we're making hard decisions.

So, we set up a series of meetings to define what matters most and produced five unique principles (we also call them our pillars) that our marketing team operates under every day. My most recent (and first!) podcast takes you through the process with the longest-tenured employee on the marketing team, and co-host of Marketing O'Clock, Jess Budde.

We walk through the process and add more detail to the pillars below:

  • Be Transparent  [10:42]
    This is number one for a reason, we are brutally honest across the board and it keeps us on the top of our game and builds relationships.
  • Take Ownership [12:35]
    The best way for us to operate is to recommend to a client what we would do if in their shoes and spend their ad budgets as if they were our own.
  • Challenge Liberally [13:56]
    We don't get better by being comfortable, we challenge ourselves and our clients to get the best performance.
  • Embrace Growth [16:56]
    We never stop learning/testing/experimenting. It is how we continue to compound performance growth for our clients.
  • Bring Yourself to Work [19:29]
    We are all unique and special - it's what makes us great. We embrace and support each others' individuality on a daily basis.

Listen in as we go more in-depth as to what each means to us:

Each episode, I'll tackle a specific topic with another friend from Cypress North or pull in leaders from other companies. We'll chat about what's helping our agency grow, how we work with clients, things that bring us joy, and even the challenges we face. Please subscribe on your favorite podcast player to follow along!




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Author's Headshot
By Jill Fecher


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