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Getting Down with Data: An Interview with Sarah Burke

January 31, 2022

By Jill Fecher
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This month, I sat down with Sarah Burke, Data & Analytics Manager at Cypress North to talk about our newest department.

All About Sarah

Sarah came to Cypress North a little over five years ago after spending two years focusing solely on SEO at her first job out of college. Starting off with us as a Digital Marketer gave her a chance to not only work with SEO, but with all aspects of digital marketing. Through her time as a Digital Marketer, and as a Digital Marketing Manager, she found a passion for data and analytics and the value that it added for our clients, as well as the rest of the marketing team.

Sarah is an absolute wizard when it comes to data visualization. Her work on dashboards and reports gives our marketing team a more comprehensive way to present findings and data to clients, providing a base of information that supports our marketing recommendations and gives our clients more confidence.

Back To School

Sarah’s instinct to always dig deeper found her searching for master’s programs in Data Analytics, which were fairly new programs in Buffalo’s universities at the time. For two years, she worked full-time with us here at Cypress North, as well as going to school.

Through her master’s program, Sarah refined and expanded her data and analytics skills. She was able to focus more on full concepts that took years to master, like running machine learning models, how to prep data, how to ensure accuracy in her reports and so much more. She also was able to bring back practical knowledge from the classroom to implement with clients immediately.

Introducing: The Data & Analytics Department

Our newest department, led by Sarah, provides us with a whole new set of opportunities for our clients. We have advanced in the reporting we can offer. We still love our Google Data Studio reports, but now we can branch out into more robust reporting software, like Power BI and Tableau.

Along with that, we have also expanded the types of clients we can take on. Whether you have just launched a new website and need tracking and reporting set up, or you are a large business with heaps of data to analyze, we got you!

Sarah is excited to grow her team and have individuals who work full-time with her on data projects. She hopes that her team will foster a collaborative and compassionate atmosphere, like the one that we always strive for here at Cypress North!

Catch up with Sarah and her data ponderings on Twitter at @DataBySarah, or connect with her on LinkedIn to follow the growth of our newest team.

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Jill Fecher

Jill Fecher

Jill is our Chief Growth Officer (CGO). She focuses on anything that will help our clients and employees accomplish their goals, which in turn helps the agency grow. This includes streamlining processes, evolving the agency structure and implementing new procedures for servicing our clients in the best way possible. Jill takes great pride in keeping clients happy, keeping deliverables on target and keeping overall return high.

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