Agencies are Eliminating their College Requirements in 2023

AS April 2023
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By Jill Fecher

On this month’s episode of the Agency Scoop, Maggie and I discuss the usage of artificial intelligence search engines and why they are more of a resource rather than a replacement for employees. Plus, we share our hot takes on the idea of four day workweeks and if they even seem ‘remotely’ possible for agencies. Lastly, in our main topic, we discuss the business of higher education and how the degree is not necessarily a need for employees at an agency.

Is AI Taking Over Our Work?

One of the hot topics in digital marketing is the use of AI tools to do work. ChatGPT, Bard and other artificial intelligence tools are helping people generate ideas, gather answers, and increase productivity.

Maggie and I discuss what the tools should be used for and why it's important to not rely on the tool completely but instead use it as a resource.

Four-Day Workweeks - Are They Possible For Agencies?

Many corporations are discussing the switch to 4 day workweeks. While this may be possible for some companies, it is not always possible for agencies - especially if the clients are working 5 days per week.

Some companies have developed workarounds to implement a form of 3 day weekend into their policy, however, it causes stress in the overall productivity of the company.

Maggie and I share results from a study in UK agencies and discuss our personal perspectives.

The Elimination of the College Degree for Agencies

Some talk in the industry is pointing to the decline of higher education and those continuing their education post high school graduation.

Oftentimes, students feel forced to go into college because it has been pushed as the standard of success for so long.

However, with recent shifts in the economy, it seems as though you don’t necessarily have to have the degree to be an employee at an agency. Lifting this degree requirement allows the candidate pool to widen.

In addition, much of the skills needed in digital marketing are not necessarily taught in the college classes but are instead experienced through real-life work experience. Since much of the digital marketing field is ever-evolving, it is challenging to learn these skills without actually experiencing it firsthand.

Make sure to listen to the full episode to hear more of our takes on trending news and what’s happening at the agency!

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Author's Headshot
By Jill Fecher


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