Unlimited PTO and Workcations: Paradise or Pitfall?

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By Jill Fecher

In this month’s episode, Maggie and I ‘thread the needle’ on Meta’s latest social media platform, including our opinions and experience of using the app for the first time. Plus, we dive into the uncertainty currently facing our economy and company’s decision making. In our main topic, we speak about unblurring the lines between vacations and workcations, and the pros and cons of unlimited PTO.

Should You Hop on the Threads Bandwagon?

Threads, the newest social media platform to hit the block, has been taking over the news. Users are moving over to the new platform in droves, with a large amount of new sign ups since its release.

Meta’s Threads is a text sharing app that is very similar to Twitter. Many people wonder if the app is different enough to warrant another download, what the app is currently missing, and if it will be able to stand on its own or crumble under Twitter’s shadow. 

Was the launch too soon or is Threads the next big social platform? We discuss all the hype, cool features, and if agencies and businesses should hop on the bandwagon.

Uncertainty in the Economy

Many companies are feeling nervous about the future state of our economy and pausing new initiatives as a result. Because of this tense climate, many are afraid to take risks in fear that the economy might collapse and leave them and their business in a compromised position.

This fear to take risks is causing companies to slow down their decision making processes, creating a halt in the pipeline. Firm decision-making and moving through the roadblocks of uncertainty keeps the ball moving, leading towards positive business growth. 

For those feeling stuck, Maggie and I talk about how we are navigating this and finding ways to introduce new business. 

Vacations and Workcations

For our main topic, we discuss vacations, workcations, and the trend of unlimited PTO. 

With the current work from home or work from anywhere environment, it can be easy to lose a healthy work life balance. We agree that putting boundaries in place and setting yourself up for success ahead of time can allow for processes to run smoothly while you are out of office.  

We also explore the pros and cons of unlimited PTO and accrued PTO, and how the right company culture can allow for teams and employees to take the time to rest and recharge.

Make sure to listen to the full episode to hear more of our takes on trending news and what’s happening at the agency!

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Author's Headshot
By Jill Fecher


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