How it Began: Starting an Agency with Greg Finn and Matt Mombrea of Cypress North

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By Jill Fecher

On this month’s episode, Maggie and I talk about all things Barbie, our thoughts about the hit film of the summer (no spoilers!), and how we felt about their creative marketing tactics. Plus, we let you in on what's happening behind the curtain from new clients, new hires, and new social marketing tactics. In our main scoop we interviewed the founders of Cypress North, Greg Finn and Matt Mombrea, and discussed how they got their start and how they created a space where employees and clients can thrive.

Barbie Blockbuster -  How The Film Went Viral

The Barbie movie has painted the town pink with its out of the box marketing campaign. Their breadcrumb style approach began enticing potential viewers over a year ago, giving small glimpses into the film without giving its plot and main messages away. 

Though the actual amount has not been disclosed, it’s estimated that they had a marketing budget of around $150 million dollars. Brand partnerships were a huge part of this budget and overall strategy. So many brands, from Target to AirBnB, partnered with the film to create Barbie themed products and services. Brands aside, everyday users were excited to make organic content on social media surrounding the movie, getting in on the Barbie trend.

New Hires and New Strategies 

Issues like quiet quitting and the great resignation have been plaguing the hiring landscape for companies in all industries. Positions that would normally be quick to fill with qualified candidates would receive little to no traction, slowing down the hiring process. We’ve been seeing a positive shift in the landscape, receiving hundreds of great applications within days of posting a role. 

We also touch on the new social media strategies that we are testing out for the Agency Scoop. From a brand new TikTok account to a dedicated Twitter and Instagram approach, we are working on getting our name out there and putting out brand new content!

Agency Beginnings with Greg Finn and Matt Mombrea

In the main scoop, we sit down with the founders of the agency behind the Agency Scoop. They tell us what gave them the push to get together and start an agency, and the story of how the name Cypress North came to be (the real story and the fake story!).

Matt and Greg let us in on how they have managed to grow and scale amidst a constantly changing industry. The biggest factors would be knowing what works, trying new things, and quickly pivoting when faced with obstacles. They also have a people first focus when it comes to our team, bringing team members in early in their careers and allowing them to grow as the company grows. 

They also share with us their favorite memories from over the years. From inside jokes, long term relationships, and being a part of meaningful projects.

Make sure to listen to the full episode to hear more of our takes on trending news and what’s happening at the agency!

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Author's Headshot
By Jill Fecher


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