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ChatGPT and Quiet Quitting

March 1, 2023

By Jill Fecher
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In this month’s episode of The Agency Scoop, Maggie and I discussed the latest artificial intelligence news and the trending concerns behind quiet quitting. Both of these topics are rising in popularity. Whether or not that’s a good thing is debatable.

Is Chat GPT and Other AI Software of the Future?

The big talk from the technology space these past few weeks has been artificial technology. ChatGPT is an automated chatbot that was recently released this past November by OpenAI. The platform allows users to interact with the chatbot to carry on conversations, ask questions, and even apologize for doing something wrong.

Many people are concerned about this artificial intelligent technology changing the way businesses run forever. Maggie pointed out that this chatbot technology could alter the way we view customer service and the ways that people used to interact with one another.

In addition, this type of revolutionary technology would replace systems we already know and love like Amazon’s Alexa or iPhone’s Siri. Language translation could also become more real-time with a chatbot feature to find translation solutions on the spot.

This technology also poses great concerns for being misused. One area where this technology is already becoming a concern is the education space where students are asking AI to do their assignments for them and write papers automatically.

People have also been using this technology for replying to text messages or even to find dating advice.

Quiet Quitting

This term has become more prevalent in today’s workforce as many people are working from home and having a more “relaxed” working environment.

Quiet quitters can be defined as people who are simply doing the bare minimum to collect a paycheck or a person who is unwilling to go above and beyond in their current job position as they may be seeking out alternative options. Many of these quiet quitters are coming from corporate level businesses but can also be found in smaller businesses and corporations.

Quiet quitters can bring a negative impact to the workplace as they become a burden to the team’s performance.

It is important for managers to check in on their employees to ensure that they are performing and that they are reaching their full potential. If the employee isn’t reaching their personal goals, they are less likely to go above and beyond and instead will simply choose to do just the bare minimum which will show very clearly in their work.

Quiet quitting can be frustrating, but with the right mindset and check ins with your employees, managers can help identify and mitigate instances of it.

Make sure to listen to the full episode to hear more of our takes on trending news and what’s happening at the agency!

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Jill Fecher

Jill Fecher

Jill is our Chief Growth Officer (CGO). She focuses on anything that will help our clients and employees accomplish their goals, which in turn helps the agency grow. This includes streamlining processes, evolving the agency structure and implementing new procedures for servicing our clients in the best way possible. Jill takes great pride in keeping clients happy, keeping deliverables on target and keeping overall return high.

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