Finding a Great Agency & What We Look for in a Client

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By Jill Fecher

The agency-client relationship is a two-way street. In this episode of The Agency Scoop, we cover qualities in clients that indicate a good fit, and any red flags to watch out for when someone is looking to find an agency.

What makes a good client for an ad agency or development shop?

  • A Good Product  [3:05]
    Working with a client whose product we can get excited about and be proud of makes our job easier. After all, you can’t fix a bad product with marketing.
  • Matching Values [4:52]
    We believe our agency is an extension of the client’s team. We love working with clients that share our values and want to be a partner with us.
  • Transparency [7:30]
    A client that is forthright with information allows us to help them to reach their goals and get the best results for them.
  • Open to Improvement [8:54]
    We want to work with clients who are open to feedback, trying new strategies, and want to improve.

What makes a good agency?

  • Respectable [10:43]
    Agencies shouldn’t be order takers, but should instead lead with their honest opinion for better results.
  • The People [13:13]
    Agencies are only as good as their people. Knowing who you will be working with and having trust in their expertise makes the agency-client partnership more enjoyable. At agencies, people are the product!

Client Red Flags

  • Not Disclosing Crucial Information [17:24]
    By not disclosing budgets or goals upfront, it makes it harder to know if the partnership will be a good fit. Having all the information from day one saves time on both sides.
  • Unclear Decision Makers [20:45]
    It’s hard to execute changes when a client’s departments overlap and who the decision-maker is unclear. We want to know who will be measuring how well we met the client’s goals.
  • Inflexibility [22:13]
    Clients who are flexible in answering questions, sharing knowledge, and having open discussions help us to deliver results.

Listen in as we explore what to look for in your next agency or client:

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By Jill Fecher


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