Should You Hire A HubSpot Agency Partner? A Guide To The Hubspot Partners Program

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By Jill Fecher

In this episode of The Agency Scoop, I chat with Pat Donovan, our Channel Account Manager at HubSpot, to breakdown the Partners Program and learn about what agencies should look for in a CRM and Marketing Automation platform for themselves and clients.

What does HubSpot do and what is the Partners Program?

An All In One Platform
The HubSpot platform is an all-encompassing CRM, Sales, and Marketing Automation platform that companies can use to generate demand, nurture leads, service customers, and more. The Partners Program was created to serve agencies who work in HubSpot themselves as well as on behalf of their clients.

Agency CRM
Having an agency CRM is key to keeping track of your prospects, seeing where they are in the funnel, and nurturing those relationships. We use HubSpot to keep track of our open deals and our database. I've used other CRM systems but none are as user-friendly and easy to adopt.

Partners Program Resources
The program provides dedicated resources to help marketing agencies get their clients onboarded and service their clients. This includes:

  • Training
  • Certifications
  • Dedicated resources and support - every agency has a channel consultant and a channel account manager
  • Platform documentation and videos
  • A dedicated tech support line
  • Partnership community to connect with other agency partners

Benefits for Clients
When a company decides to use HubSpot, they can implement on their own with HubSpot's onboarding services. However, for companies that work with an agency, it can be more beneficial for them to work with a HubSpot partner agency.

The with Partners Program, a client can work with an agency that knows their business goals and challenges, and knows how to set up HubSpot for their specific needs. The contract is still between HubSpot and the end-user company, it is not white-labeled as an agency service.

Working with a partner saves the client a lot of time in training and marketing execution. The agency partners are already investing time into learning the system and knowing how to use it best for our clients.

Listen in as we explore the Partners Program and how agencies can use it as another tool in their arsenal.

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Author's Headshot
By Jill Fecher


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