An Interview with Amalia Fowler, the Wholehearted Manager

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By Jill Fecher

This month, I sat down with Amalia Fowler, creator of The Wholehearted Manager newsletter, marketing agency veteran, and long-time people manager. We had a great time discussing management philosophies, leadership skills, and more!

Getting Started in Management

Amalia’s management journey started much earlier than most (at age 18!) when she became a supervisor after her team realized how strong her leadership skills were. Since then, she has gone on to explore what makes an effective manager, how to be authentic to your leadership style, and how to interact with your team and understand their needs.

Creating The Wholehearted Manager

After leaving her first agency where she was the first female manager in the company, she realized the impact she had on her team, and on women who aspired to step into similar roles. Colleagues urged her to begin writing a newsletter to continue to be an advocate and mentor for others looking to succeed in a leadership role. And with that, The Wholehearted Manager was born.

Management Lessons and Advice

Amalia shared a lot of helpful tidbits she has learned through her experiences in management, and from previous managers.

  • What to do if you have a close relationship with someone you manage
  • How to set expectations regarding feedback and communication between manager and employee
  • How to promote transparency honesty, and follow through from the top down in a company
  • What to do to avoid burnout for yourself and your employees
  • What constitutes company culture, and how to cater to your employees to help them succeed
  • How self-awareness of your “areas of opportunity” can help you to improve as a manager
  • And more!

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Author's Headshot
By Jill Fecher


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