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Happy International No Diet Day From The Cypress North Team

May 6, 2013

By Jessica Budde
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20130506_105456Deleting cookies? Not today! Forgive the pun, couldn’t resist…

A few weeks ago, we launched our monthly content ideas post for May.  In the piece, we suggested indulging in some tasty content marketing in honor of International No Diet Day. Well, today is #NoDietDay and here at Cypress North we practice what we preach.  The mission was simple: bring in some cookies that embody your personality. The result: a delicious, and funky, assortment of confectionery delight.  And boy, what a spread!

Cookie Muffins 20130506_105405

Coconut Shortbread 20130506_105047

Monster Cookies 20130506_105236

Chocolate Chip Rainbow 20130506_105253

…And of course (the one no internet nerd can resist) Grumpy Cat! Grumpy_Cat_Cookies

We’ve posted the pictures on our Instagram too, so follow us if you like what you see!  And once you’ve recovered from the sugar rush, follow us on TwitterFacebook & Google+ for more updates.

Jessica Budde

Jessica Budde

Jess is our Vice President of Marketing Operations and Client Service, and the co-host of our weekly Marketing O’Clock podcast. She works closely with both our clients and our internal team, overseeing account staffing to ensure client satisfaction. Jess co-manages our agency’s digital marketing department, works to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration internally, and acts as an account lead for a few of our clients.

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