Vacations, Vision & Veronica Mars: Content Marketing Ideas For March

By Jess Budde

Ladies and gentlemen, the winter funk is almost over. After months and months of cold weather, darkness falling way too early, and eternally drab views out the window, Spring is finally about to be sprung! Not that we haven't kept you cozy with plenty of inspirational content throughout the cold season, but who isn't excited for a little more sunshine and the "comeback" of outdoor festivities? And aside from the official start of the Spring season, there's plenty more to toast to during the month of March. So keep your heads up, warm weather is coming. Until then, check out our list below for ideas to keep you marching along!


  • March 1: National Pig Day, Plan A Solo Vacation Day, World Compliment Day, Horse Protection Day, Sock Monkey Day, Executive Coaching Day, Fruit Compote Day, Peanut Butter Lovers' Day
  • March 2: Dr. Seuss Day, Namesake Day, Banana Cream Pie Day, Old Stuff Day
  • March 3: What If Cats & Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day, Mulled Wine Day, Peach Blossom Day, National Anthem Day, Fun Facts About Names Day, Cold Cuts Day, I Want You To Be Happy Day
  • March 4: Mardi Gras, International Scrapbooking Industry Day, Hug A GI Day, Grammar Day, Unique Names Day, Pound-Cake Day, Pancake Day
  • March 5: Absinthe Day, Cheese Doodle Day, Multiple Personality Day
  • March 6: White Chocolate Cheesecake Day, National Frozen Food Day, Dentists' Day, National Salesperson Day
  • March 7: Middle Name Pride Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Cereal Day, Be Heard Day, Crown Of Roast Pork Day, Doodle Day
  • March 8: Women's Day, Proof Reading Day, Be Nasty Day, Genealogy Day, Peanut Cluster Day
  • March 9: Check Your Batteries Day, Get Over It Day, Panic Day, False Teeth Day, Barbie Day
  • March 10: Fill Our Staplers Day, Day Of Awesomeness, Pack Your Lunch Day, Dream Day, Napping Day, Mario Day
  • March 11: World Plumbing Day, Worship Of Tools Day, Organize Your Home Office Day, Johnny Appleseed Day
  • March 12: Plant A Flower Day, World Math Day, No Smoking Day, Registered Dietitian Day, Girl Scouts Day
  • March 13: World Kidney Day, Popcorn Lovers' Day, Ken Day (as in the Ken doll, you know, Barbie's main squeeze?), Earmuffs Day,  Open An Umbrella Indoors Day, Coconut Torte Day, Jewel Day
  • March 14: Learn About Butterflies Day, Pi Day, International Ask  A Question Day, Moth Day, National Potato Chip Day
  • March 15: Buzzards Day, Corn Dog Day, True Confessions Day, Incredible Kid Day, Quilting Day, Brutus Day (otherwise known as The Ides Of March), Everything You Think Is Wrong Day
  • March 16: Freedom Of Information Day, Lips Appreciation Day, Everything You Do Is Right Day
  • March 17: St. Patrick's Day, Submarine Day
  • March 18: Forgive Mom & Dad Day, Bio-Diesel Day, Awkward Moments Day, Goddess Of Fertility Day
  • March 19: Poultry Day, Chocolate Caramel Day
  • March 20: Extraterrestrial Abductions Day, World Storytelling Day, Ravioli Day, Kiss Your Fiance Day, Snowman Burning Day, French Bread Day, Won't You Be My Neighbor Day, Proposal Day
  • March 21: Common Courtesy Day, Puppy Day, Memory Day, Single Parent's Day, Fragrance Day
  • March 22: National Goof Off Day, As Young As You Feel Day, World Water Day
  • March 23: Near Miss Day, National Chip & Dip Day
  • March 24: National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day, Tuberculosis Day
  • March 25: Pecan Day, Tolkein Reading Day, Waffle Day, National Agriculture Day
  • March 26: Help A Horse Day, Manatee Appreciation Day, Spinach Day, Nougat Day, Go Birding Day, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, Legal Assistance Day, Purple Day
  • March 27: Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day, Spanish Paella Day
  • March 28: Something On A Stick Day, Black Forest Cake Day
  • March 29: Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day, Smoke & Mirrors Day, National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day, Weed Appreciation Day (weeds like dandelions, not marijuana), Lemon Chiffon Cake Day
  • March 30: Take A Walk In The Park Day, Pencil Day, Doctors' Day, I Am In Control Day
  • March 31: Bunsen Burner Day, Crayola Crayon Day, Eiffel Tower Day, National Clam On The Half Shell Day


  • The month was named for the Roman god Mars: Mars was the god of war, as well as a guardian of agriculture
  • In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb: if you've never heard this before, it means the month starts off with harsh weather, but by the time it's over things are much more mild and pleasant
  • March 9: Daylight Savings Time begins at 2am. Set those clocks one hour ahead!
  • March 20: Spring Equinox... better known as THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING
  • March is the official month of: crafts, music in school, cheerleading safety, ideas, deaf history, optimism, adopting rescued guinea pigs, credit education, ethics awareness, frozen food, supply management, caffeine awareness, athletic training, umbrellas, Irish American heritage, nutrition, peanuts, social workers, Red Cross, spiritual wellness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome awareness, and women's history
  • The first week of the month is designated as: National Cheerleading Week, National Ghostwriters' Week, Celebrate Your Name Week, National Invasive Species Awareness Week, Professional Pet Sitters' Week, National School Breakfast Week, Women In Construction Week, National Sleep Awareness Week, Severe Weather Preparedness Week, National Pancake Week, Return The Borrowed Books Week, Save Your Vision Week, National Consumer Protection Week
  • Week two has been dubbed: National Crochet Week, National Agriculture Week, Teen Tech Week, National Bubble Week, Festival Of Owls Week, National Procrastination Week
  • Week three is dedicated to: American Chocolate Week, Termite Awareness Week, National Animal Poison Prevention Week, Food Safety Awareness Week, Act Happy Week, National Inhalant & Poisons Awareness Week, Wildlife Week, Flood Awareness Week, World Folktales & Fables Week
  • The last week of March celebrates: Meat Free Week, Week of Solidarity with People's Struggling Against Racism & Discrimination, National Cleaning Week, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week, National LGBT Health Awareness Week, Root Canal Awareness Week


  • March 1-16: Iditarod Race
  • March 5: NHL trade deadline 
  • March 8: MLS regular season begins 
  • March 9: LA Marathon 
  • March 11: NFL free agency begins
  • March 18: NCAA March Madness begins
  • March 31: MLB Opening Day (Opening Night is on march 30)

Pop Culture

  • March 2: 2014 Academy Awards (the Oscars, yo!)
  • March 7-16: South By Southwest
  • March 9: Revenge returns to ABC
  • March 14: Veronica Mars premieres - why highlight this one among all the over movies coming out in March? This film was funded by the fans (AKA MARShmallows), and became the project with the most backers EVER in Kickstarter history. Check out the full list of funding fun-facts on the movie's Kickstarter page.
  • March 28-30: Ultra Music Festival

So there you have it - tons of March-y happenings are now at your fingertips. Channel your inner Mars and wage war on the empty editorial calendar in front of you!

Last April, we kicked off our monthly content marketing series with 8 great ideas for boosting your editorial strategy. And here we are, one year later, with a solid collection of inspiring (or at least thought-provoking) ideas to keep your wheels turning. But don't be sad... IT'S NOT OVER! We'll be keeping you posted in the coming year with updated dates, new pop culture events worth noting, and much, much more. So check back soon for a new edition of content marketing for April - you'll be glad you did!

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By Jess Budde


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