Patriotism, Pianos & Programmers: September Content Marketing Ideas

By Jess Budde

Alright people, get pumped... it's time for your monthly dose of content marketing ideas! We've got ideas to help you fill September's editorial calendar with topics ranging from somber and serious, to cuddly and completely ridiculous.

Not sure what the official name is of the day commemorating September 11th? We've got you covered. Need an excuse to tweet about salami? We've got one.  So check out the list below for seasonal, pop culture, and sports-based inspiration. And as you've probably come to expect, there's a "holiday" literally every day this month, so there's no excuse for not finding a tie-in for your brand somewhere.

So read on and get those Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Blog/Pinterest wheels turning.


  • September 1: Emma M. Nutt Day (she was the first telephone operator in America), Calendar Adjustment Day
  • September 2: Labor Day
  • September 3: Skyscraper Day, Welsh Rarebit Day (it's a dish similar to cheese on toast)
  • September 4: Newspaper Carrier Day, Rosh Hashana begins
  • September 5: Be Late For Something Day, Cheese Pizza Day
  • September 6: Read A Book Day (a whole book?!), Fight Procrastination Day
  • September 7: Salami Day, Neither Rain Nor Snow Day (celebrates the opening of the New York Post Office in 1914, so high-five your mail carrier today!)
  • September 8: Grandparents' Day, International Literacy Day, National Pet Memorial Day, Pardon Day, Physical Therapy Day, Hug Your Hound Day
  • September 9: Teddy Bear Day, Wonderful Weirdos Day
  • September 10: Sewing Machine Day, Swap Ideas Day, Lace Making Day
  • September 11: Patriot And National Day Of Service And Remembrance, Make Your Bed Day, No News Is Good News Day, Hot Cross Buns Day
  • September 12: Chocolate Milkshake Day, National Video Games Day (not to be confused with July's Video Game Day)
  • September 13: Programmers' Day (we have some of those, let us help you!), Stand Up To Cancer Day, Yom Kippur begins, Uncle Sam Day, Positive Thinking Day, Fortune Cookie Day, Blame Someone Else Day, National Peanut Day, Defy Superstition Day, Roald Dahl Day
  • September 14: National Cream-Filled Donut Day, Eat A Hoagie Day
  • September 15: National Women's Friendship Day, Felt Hat Day, Greenpeace Day
  • September 16: Mexican Independence Day, Step-Family Day, Mayflower Day, Collect Rocks Day, Working Parents' Day, National Play Doh Day
  • September 17: Citizenship Day, Constitution Day, National Apple Dumpling Day
  • September 18: National Cheeseburger Day, Water Monitoring Day
  • September 19: International Talk Like A Pirate Day, National Butterscotch Pudding Day
  • September 20: POW/MIA Recognition Day
  • September 21: International Day of Peace, Coastal Cleanup Day, World Gratitude Day, International Rabbit Day, Eat An Apple Day, Miniature Golf Day, The 180th Munich Oktoberfest begins (it's in Germany, but still)
  • September 22: Elephant Appreciation Day, Business Women's Day, White Chocolate Day, Hobbit Day, Wife Appreciation Day
  • September 23: Checkers Day (not the game, mind you, but the Richard Nixon speech)
  • September 24: National Cherries Jubilee Day, PunctuationDay
  • September 25: National Comic Book Day, One-Hit Wonder Day
  • September 26: Johnny Appleseed Day
  • September 27: Native American Day, Crush A Can Day, Hug A Vegetarian Day, Tourism Day
  • September 28: Family Health & Fitness Day, Ask A Stupid Question Day, National Good Neighbor Day
  • September 29: Coffee Day, Confucius Day, Heart Day
  • September 30: National Mud Pack Day (get a facial, treat a bee sting, celebrate all the great uses of mud today!)


  • Back To School: Some early birds go back to school in August, but by mid September, the school year is in full swing all across the country
  • Here Comes Fall: Traditionally representative of transition and change, the new season begins on September 22nd
  • It's the official month of: Pianos, Self Improvement, Cholesterol Education, Classical Music, Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness, Whole Grains, School Success, Square Dancing, Little League, Prostate Cancer Awareness, Honey, Hispanic Heritage,  Courtesy, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery, Baby Safety, and Chicken!


  • August 26 - September 9: The US Open is still on!
  • September 5: NFL Regular Season opens. Are you ready for some football?
  • September 7: NASCAR Federated Auto Parts 400
  • September 7-21: America's Cup Finals
  • September 8: Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
  • September 14: NHL Preseason begins
  • September 15: NASCAR Geico 400
  • September 22: NASCAR Sylvania 300
  • September 29: MLB Regular Season ends, NASCAR AAA 400

Pop Culture

  • Fall TV season kicks into gear this month (Homeland fans, this means you! September 29th at 9pm ET)
  • August 26 - September 2: Burning Man
  • September 22: 65th Primetime Emmy Awards

With September comes the end of Summer, but there's plenty of great content to be created as we transition into Autumn. So enjoy these last few weeks of the season and try not to be too sad about the impending cold weather.

Need a little encouragement? How about all the tasty, colorful, and even spooky things that come along with Fall?  We'll have them all spelled out for you next month, so check back soon for inspiring October content ideas. Until then, happy Chicken Month everyone!

Everyone loves a new friend. How about a new friend with a sense of humor (at least we think we're funny) and useful tools?

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By Jess Budde


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