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The Cypress North Creative Department develops meaningful and impactful creative content that helps build brand recognition, capture leads, drive sales, and generate revenue for our clients (and it looks great too!). We take pride in leveraging our skills and experience to solve creative problems that place our clients on a pedestal. Whether you need full-service brand development or a one-time marketing asset, we are ready and willing to bring your concept to fruition. Creating powerful, thoughtful, beautiful content is our passion and our craft. 


Let’s create something amazing together.

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Creative Strategy

Behind every great brand is an even better creative strategy. Think of a creative strategy as a brand’s blueprint that helps the team understand the big picture before creating visuals for the appropriate audience.


Building and maintaining a strong brand starts with a well thought out creative strategy that is both honest and competitive. The creative strategy affects all aspects of the brand. Much more than just the logo, the product, or the website, the brand is the environment, the industry, and the people behind the name.

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Solving Problems | Clarifying Objectives | Defining the Audience | Generate Ideas | Determine Standards | Creative Brief

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Branding is more than visual. It is everything that leads up to the visual representation of a product, service, or company. A great branded logo is everything. It’s the first thing your audience interprets. It’s what will follow your brand throughout its life.


Cypress North offers full branding services that go beyond logo design alone, including the development of brand identity, color palette, typography, and font family. Your logo speaks to your culture, voice, and value. It provides easy recognition. It’s an opportunity to tell your audience who you are without having to explain yourself. 

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Strong Branding Will:

Generate business | Generate referrals | Appeal to the right audience | Clarity & focus | Value | Understanding

Branding Includes:

Logo development | Identity | Color palette | Typography & Font Family

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Digital Design

Digital means everything RGB. The Cypress North creative department works in conjunction with the marketing and development team to create compelling digital content that reflects our client's branding, expands their reach, and helps them achieve their goals.


We’ve got you covered. Our creative department can create a wide range of digital content to put you ahead of your competitors while looking your best.

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Content Creation:

Website | Mobile | Display Ads | Pay-per-click ads | Native ads | Social Media Ads | Email campaigns | Blog creation | Infographics | Case studies | Videos | Ebooks

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Print Design

Consistency is key. Utilizing printed materials, you can connect your website, ads, and social media platforms to create a clear, concise brand in the mind of your audience.


While our team lives and breathes digital, we create beautiful printed materials as well. Printed materials are tangible, honest, and often more engaging due to the fact that people can touch them, feel them, and use them.

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Print Materials are tangible, honest, real, a part of the brand experience, and Impressionable.

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Video & Photography

Beautiful, thought-provoking video and photography can push your brand to another level of excellence. Representing your identity and voice through imagery helps users connect to the content on a meaningful and personal level.


Elevate your brand with custom videos and photography that can be used on your website, social media pages, print materials, event materials, digital ads and more.

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Video Types:

Interview | Instruction | Documentary | Viral | Testimonial | Explainer | Event | Behind the Scenes | Event | Webinar | 360 Videos | Social Media | TV Commercial | Training | looping

Photography Types:

Portrait | Social | Event | Product | Environmental | Architecture | Website homepage videos | Fashion | Candid

Animation icon


Custom Animation is an opportunity to convey a message visually by bringing the subject to life. Animating your content or logo will make it stand out in a positive way, adding personality, energy, and enthusiasm.


Animation makes it easier to communicate with a wider audience, allowing you to tell a story without the use of the spoken or written word.

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Types of Animation:

Vector-based | Typography | Stop Motion | Logo

Animation use:

Infographic | Understanding | Fun | Branding | Representing something that does not exist | Showing something a camera can not | Sensitive material

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Social Media

Creating the right social content to populate your pages can be a full-time job and seem incredibly overwhelming. The Cypress North creative team has the skills and experience to create visually impactful content that will send users to your website, generate sales, and capture leads.


It’s vital to have content that portrays the right voice, tells your story, and engages your audience in a creative way.

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Social Media Content:

Videos | Animation | Livestreams | User-Generated content | Infographics | Client Testimonials | Paid Social Ads | Dynamic Creative Ads 

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Strong writing establishes the voice and tone of your brand for your audience and creates a foundation of value and trust in the mind of the reader. The Cypress North team knows what it takes to create powerful content that will improve SEO performance, encourage user engagement, and drive relevant traffic to your website. From keyword research to final publishing, our team will work you every step of the way to ensure the content captures the attention of potential customers.


Writing can make or break your image! In the digital space, writing must not only read well and encapsulate your tone of voice, but also adhere to best practices in order to achieve desired KPI goals. Every sentence should serve a purpose and create a lasting impression. 

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Copywriting types:

SEO | Website content | Creative | Product or service | Technical |  Marketing

Our art set

we use digital brushes, pencils & scissors

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Premiere
  • After Effects
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For us developers at Cypress North, this is what gets us up in the morning. Every day is a new opportunity to engineer a solution to a problem that no one has ever seen in quite the same way before. Every piece of software is like a fingerprint, and there are nearly infinite ways to tackle each challenge.

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We give our clients full control of the sales process, from start to finish. We work with you to identify the right solution for your workflow – optimizing your business for the greatest return.


Selling products online is very time consuming. Not to mention all of the other responsibilities that come with the job – like tracking inventory, fulfilling orders, shipping, and we can’t forget the most important piece — customer service.

Our e-commerce systems are built to handle the most complex product configurations, and we help you set them up in a logical and intuitive way to make it easy not only for your customers, but for you and your staff when the time comes to add more products in the future. No need to contact a webmaster to make changes for you. We offer a variety of other e-commerce development options that are sure to meet your needs.

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Some of our favorite platforms


Native Mobile icon

Native Mobile

A native mobile app can make it easy for your company to interact with customers, provide highly-consumable content and literally be at your consumer’s fingertips everywhere they go.


Maybe you have a website and would love an app to go along with it, or perhaps you already have an app for your brand and need help improving it or starting over.  Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Our certified app store developers can tackle anything you can dream up. Additionally, we are experts in Android Development, the worlds most popular phone OS. Simply put, if you can download it – we can do it.

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Think that having a killer website is enough? Think again.  Our team at Cypress North are experts in their fields and can create apps tailored to fit your brand, business, or company’s needs.

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Responsive Websites

These days, a website is the hub of any business. Having a credible and professional design that works seamlessly on any device instills trust, builds an audience, and keeps visitors on your site.


The shift to mobile means that the number of devices, browsers, and platforms that your site must work in continues to expand. It’s no longer enough to just have a website.

Not long ago, it used to be that you needed a website to keep up with your industry and a responsive design was nice to have. Now you need a mobile website. In fact, Google is changing the way it ranks websites based on whether or not your site is mobile friendly. A mobile site will become the primary means of site ranking in the near future. Not having one will put you at an instant disadvantage.

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Try it now

Resize your browser window to see how elements on our site change and adapt to accommodate the size of the device you are on. Or better yet, visit us on your phone!

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Web Applications

With the rising popularity of web-based software, one of the most recent changes in both personal and B2B applications is the transition to web-based platforms, instead of traditional desktop applications.


Web-based applications work directly in browsers with no extra software installation. Web apps can be reached from any computer or device, and data can be secured with high levels of encryption.

At Cypress North, we have built everything from corporate communication platforms and applications, e-commerce shopping carts, and HIPAA compliant medical systems. Let Buffalo’s only true software engineer firm put its experience to work for you.


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Let’s Get Started

Ready to get started? We work with you every step of the way to develop an ideal solution for your business or brand.

Our Toolbox

Instead of hammers and nails, we use these

  • C#
  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Objective-C


At Cypress North, we love creating targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing plans for our clients using advanced methods to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them. Our main goal is to promote brands, engage with customers, and increase sales through various approaches.

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Paid Search Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising mediums. This unique service guarantees your website to appear in the top search results for the keyword terms you choose almost immediately.


If you’re hoping to convert your traffic into paying customers and new leads, then paid search marketing is for you. This option gives businesses a way to purchase conversions (or revenue) at a cost-effective rate. It’s also one of the rare advertising mediums that delivers quantifiable results quickly. Based on report data, your marketing campaigns can be adjusted to maximize your visibility.

At Cypress North, we use a disciplined, quantitative approach to PPC marketing that allows our team to focus on delivering a positive return on investment to clients. Imagine that — advertising with a focus on ROI. Yes, we know, it’s novel, but we think it makes sense.

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Let us help

Cypress North is a Google AdWords certified partner in search and display advertising. We’ve also been named in the top 25 most influential PPC experts in 2013 and 2014.

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Search Engine Optimization

Give your visitors exactly what they’re looking for in as few clicks as possible. We consider on-and-off page factors and algorithms used by search engines to determine which sites will appear in the search results for a specific query.


No doubt, investing in a website is a smart business decision. But what good is a website if your customers can’t find it?

Cypress North works closely with local New York clients, as well as clients all over the country. We can create SEO solutions that encompass both on-page and off-page optimization factors to set your site up for the utmost success on all major search engines. We focus on key tactics, some of which include: keyword research, landing page design and testing, local optimization, and multiple campaign structures across all major search engines.

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Straight to the Point

Cypress North has a detailed understanding of the on-and-off page factors and algorithms used by search engines to determine which sites will appear in the search results for a specific query.

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Infographic Design

Break down confusing concepts about your business or highlight data points that may otherwise be buried and unseen with stunning infographics. We work with you every step of the way — from research to design and promotion.


Infographics are a type of content used in content marketing to display a significant amount of information in a single, visually-appealing graphic. Many times, infographics contain detailed illustrations, charts, and data that would otherwise be formatted in blocks of hard-to-read text. Infographics are used to break down confusing concepts, compile resources, or highlight pieces of data that may otherwise be buried and unseen.

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Cypress North has extensive experience in infographic design. When you hire us, we become part of your team. We work with you every step of the way — from research to design and promotion — to creating stunning infographics that drive traffic and results.

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Social Media Advertising

We cut through the social media clutter and hit the precise audience you are looking for with the perfect message.


If you are looking to target a particular persona with specific ad content, social media is your medium of choice. You can harness all the attributes of a user to build targeted audiences who will love your product.

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At Cypress North, we provide guidance and insight on how to leverage the strengths of each social network suited for your business and craft a plan that fits into your company’s goals and objectives.

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Content Marketing

It's true, content is king. We can help you craft custom content that resonates with your target audience and is fit for the throne!


The content on your site tells the story of your brand to visitors. Content helps communicate important marketing messages to your audience and establishes your company or organization as an expert in its industry/field. It’s an effective strategy in building trust and credibility with your visitors over time while earning their brand loyalty and potential business.

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Cypress North has all of the tools necessary to plan and execute an effective content marketing strategy that sets your content up for the utmost success.

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Conversion Optimization

Getting users to find your website is only half of the task. Once they successfully land on your site, we'll make sure that they're able to find what they're looking for quickly and easily, and that the path to signing up, contacting you, or purchasing is clear.


What if you could get more out of your site – no extra traffic required? A website that is optimized for conversions will do just that. We help companies convert their traffic into leads/sales/downloads/installs/etc at the highest possible rates.

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Websites That Convert

Cypress North will complete a thorough audit of your website with page-by-page feedback on what changes can be made to improve conversion rate.

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Digital Marketing Training

If you, or your team, could benefit from a boost in digital marketing knowledge, Cypress North can help. We provide thorough training on all areas of digital marketing including (but not limited to) SEO, PPC, and Social Media.


The Cypress North team is ready to equip you with the digital marketing knowledge you need to excel in your position. We’ll alter our approach according to your learning style. Whether you prefer running through presentations, live demonstrations over screen shares or in person, or a hands-on approach, we are here to help.

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Whatever you’re looking to brush up on, Cypress North will work with you and your team to better understand any area of digital marketing. We’ll provide the insight and tools needed to help you reach your learning goals & keep that knowledge in-house.

Display Advertising & Retargeting icon

Display Advertising & Retargeting

Drive traffic on targeted sites & communities with display ads to re-message those folks that visited you, but didn't take the action that you desired with retargeting.


See the variety of platforms and tactics we leverage across our display & remarketing campaigns.

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With our expert retargeting, we can help find and convert folks that failed to the first time around.

Analytics Analysis & Support icon

Analytics Analysis & Support

We can help to slice and dice your data to uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly within your website.


From GA to GTM, logs to AMP, our experienced team can get your tracking tuned up.

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With a wide array of platform experience, we can help with the most unique analytics issues.

Finding the sweet spot


A great strategy isn’t worth much if you can’t execute with precision. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine separate skill sets into seamless solutions, empowering our clients by all means necessary.

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