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How to Customize Page Tab Images on Facebook

May 22, 2012

By Cypress North

Did you know that you can easily customize the image of your tabs on Facebook? Yes! Now you can get rid of those ugly icons that are cramping your page’s style and add something visually appealing and consistent with your company/brand. Not only does this feature improve the look and feel of your Facebook page, it’s another opportunity to spread your marketing message. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to customize the page tab images on Facebook.

First, navigate to the page that you want to edit. Under the cover photo and to the right of the tabs area, you’ll see a little drop down menu.

Click the drop down menu and then select the pencil icon of the tab you want to change the image for. Click “Edit Settings”.

This box will pop up:

Click “Change”. You can also adjust the name of your tab if you wish.

After you click “Change”, you will be directed to the screen above. Note that it tells you the PAGE you are editing the tab for, and which application. In this case we are editing the Cypress North Facebook page and the application to our blog’s RSS feed.

Click “Change” again. You will now be prompted to upload a Page Tab Image. Note: The image cannot be larger than 111 x 74 pixels. If it is, then it will be re-sized and converted. Your best bet is to create your image to the exact specifications.

Upload your image and say hello to your new Page Tab image!

If you have an email newsletter, you could create a custom page tab image like this:

Here’s an example of Facebook’s Facebook page:

And that’s how you add a custom image to your Facebook tab. Now go out and do it!

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Cypress North

Cypress North

We are a small group of developers, marketers and designers who are experts in their field. We work hard to surpass our clients’ goals; word-of-mouth is our best friend. Our unique expertise in both internet marketing and development allows us to accomplish projects that others simply can’t. If you are looking to choose the steak over the sizzle, you’re in the right place.

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Tineke Enright June 27, 2012Reply

I have tried to customize my facebook tabs. But, when I click on ‘Edit Settings’ the box that comes up only has the option to ‘remove’ the tab not ‘change’ it. Do you know why this is? Many thanks

Tiffany June 27, 2012Reply

Hi Tineke, I haven’t run into that issue yet. Without actually seeing which tab you’re trying to edit, I don’t know how much help I can be. I checked on our Cypress North FB page and was able to change any of the custom tabs that we added to the page. The Map box or the “Likes” box; however, are unable to be edited. Hope that helps.

Christian Karasiewicz January 22, 2013Reply

Tineke, what app did you install on the Facebook Page? Some have restrictions – such as changing the landing page tab image.

Carolyn August 7, 2013Reply

I am experiencing the same problem as Tiffany. It does not give me an option. I’m just trying to change the Events tab and the Videos tab for now.

Tiffany Tcheng August 7, 2013Reply

Hi Carolyn, unfortunately, not all apps (including the Events and Videos) allow you to customize the thumbnail image.

Social Media Cover Photo Cheat Sheet & All-In-One Social Template Download | Cypress North February 20, 2013Reply

[…] Tab photo: 111 x 74 px (see our tutorial on how to customize Facebook tab images) […]

Sweet Perez March 8, 2013Reply

Hello Tiffany,

Every time I try to upload a custom image for a tab I get the following error “The image you are trying to upload are invalid. It may be corrupt, of wrong file format or the wrong size.”. My image is not bigger than 111 x 74, but the size is 4 kb in a PNG type. Can you please let me know how to create my own custom image in the right type and correct size? If so, what program do you recommend? I created my image using Windows Paint. Thanks!

Tiffany Tcheng March 11, 2013Reply

Hi Sweet,

A PNG file should work fine. Have you tried saving your image in different file formats (like jpg) and uploading to FB?

I use Photoshop for all of my image editing needs.

Garrett April 15, 2013Reply

Sweet Perez,

I’m having the same issue. I have changed the size and format several times to try to correct this “issue”. I’m starting to think it is a bug in Facebook’s coding.

Tiffany Tcheng April 15, 2013Reply

Hi Garrett,

I just swapped out tabs yesterday on another page I manage, so it’s working for me just fine. I created tabs to the 111×74 image size, then saved as PNG files, and swapped them out. Once you upload the image, there isn’t a button that asks you to save, you just have to refresh the page to see the change.

Christian Karasiewicz April 15, 2013Reply

Facebook is a little buggy at times. Try clearing your cache and uploading the file again.

KC Keeby April 24, 2013Reply

Garrett, I found this blog post looking for a solution to the same annoyance you seemed to be having. I had a photo that I was trying to resize to the the right dimensions using Picasa. It’s a square image, so I made it 74X74 or below, and continued to get the same error you received. What finally got it to work for me was using the “resize” feature in Paint, and resizing to 111 X 74. Yes, it was skewed some, but not enough for me not to be happy. Additionally, to reduce skewing, I resized the square to 111, then cropped down length to 74. I could see what the length was simply by hovering my mouse over the image in the explorer window just prior to uploading it to the tab (you know, when selecting the image to upload right before the notorious error message?) Looks great!

Hope that helps someone who finds this blog post as I did. Thanks Tiffany! 🙂

Christian Karasiewicz June 18, 2013Reply

KC, this may help you (and everyone else on here). It’s an infographic featuring all of the sizes for posting content on a Facebook Page.

What I find works best is to size everything to these sizes. Facebook has a way of resizing images and they don’t always turn out how you think they will.


frances June 16, 2013Reply

I want to customise the name and tab image on my notes tab and my photos tab – but under the edit option all it gives me is to remove the tab. Is it possible to edit these tabs or just ones that you install separately?

Tiffany Tcheng June 18, 2013Reply

Hi Frances, you are correct. You aren’t able to change the name or image of the notes or photos tab, only the tabs of apps you install.

Pradeep July 9, 2013Reply

Hi Tiffany, tried several times to change the image on my page
http://www.facebook,com/captain.story it just wont allow me to change the image despite the right size. It says some developers do not allow the change. I self created this and have heroku have the hosting … which I believe is free. Any thoughts. cheers

Tiffany Tcheng July 11, 2013Reply

What is the name of the app that you are trying to customize?

Pradeep July 11, 2013Reply

Hi Tiffany … got it. Best to use to get the right sizes. Other photoediting software doesn’t seem to work. Thanks for getting back 🙂

Christian Karasiewicz July 16, 2013Reply


That is correct. Not all images can be changed for some of the apps you have installed. It is up to the developer to allow this.

If you can send me a message through my Facebook Page –, I’m happy to take a look at it for you.


Sarah Masri July 11, 2013Reply

Hi Tiffany-
I have a Facebook page that I would like to edit and customize. I can provide all the artwork but do you or someone you know redesign Facebook pages?

Thank you,

Tiffany Tcheng July 11, 2013Reply

Hi Sarah,

What do you mean by “redesign” Facebook pages — can you be more specific?

Sarah Masri July 11, 2013Reply I would like the tabs to be customized but I don’t know how to do it. If I can hire someone would be great!

Christian Karasiewicz July 16, 2013Reply


Let me know if you need help customizing your Facebook Page. The best way to reach me is through my Facebook Page.

Happy to work with you.


Krysa Lynn Scoggins September 11, 2014Reply

My page doesn’t even have the images, it only has the words listed across the top. How do I change that???

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