Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Launches New Site Redesign

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It's always fun when I get to share two of our favorite things here at Cypress North: a brand new shiny website and great search traffic results. The second is a result of the first, but we'll get into that later.

New Website for Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

We''ll start with the new website. We're proud to add Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus to our client portfolio.

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is a world-class destination for clinical care, research, education and entrepreneurship. The campus houses some of Western New York's premier health care, life sciences research, and medical education institutions and they're doing some pretty amazing work.

This one-of-a-kind community environment needed a better online presence to accurately portray the campus' innovation, technology, and expertise. BNMC was looking for a way to tell the stories of the medical campus and share important information related to the planning, development, and enhancement of the 120-acre space with its members and surrounding community.

That's where our crew stepped in. Partnering with the BNMC team, together we built a custom content management system to meet all of their publishing needs and implemented a fully custom new design based on existing brand standards. Not only did this provide a clean, professional presence on the web, it gave BNMC the ability to manage all content on the site without having to contact a webmaster to update the site for them. Easy.

Here's what the site looked like before the redesign:

Here's what it looks like now:

We love this "super" navigation drop down menu that highlights many of the community initiatives BNMC is working on to create a distinct work environment and opportunities for healthy living for residents. This navigation also helps guide users to find the content they're looking for quickly and easily.

To see a list of all features on the site, click here.

Search Traffic is Way Up

When we first met with BNMC, we noticed the site had some URL and site structure issues that weren't ideal for maximum search engine visibility. Although SEO wasn't part of this project, we were still able to positively increase search traffic simply by implementing an SEO-friendly URL structure and creating "silos" of content on the site. What this means is that during the planning phase, we structured the site in a way that made it easy for search engines to figure out exactly what the site, and the pages on the site, are about.

The graph below shows the search traffic for BNMC from when we launched the site on March 27 to May 15 (blue line), compared to Feb. 6 to March 26 (orange line).

As you can see, search traffic rose exponentially after the new site was pushed live and search engines were able to index and crawl the pages on the site!

If you'd like to learn more about Cypress North's search engine marketing services and how we can help improve your site's search visibility, contact us.

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By cypressnorth


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