8 Timely Opportunities For Compelling Content Marketing In June


It’s that time again; time to start thinking about weaving those current events into next month’s content marketing strategy. June is especially exciting for those of you who like those offbeat “holidays” dedicated to not-so-serious topics. But not to worry, there are a few of the more traditionally significant dates too. There’s something for everyone, so read on…


Hug Your Cat Day

Cat people of the world unite! Let’s face it, whether you like it or not, the internet is full of cats. And boy do people love it. June 4th has been dubbed Hug Your Cat Day, so why not jump on the bandwagon and post some fun photos of your employees hugging their cats? It’s probably the easiest (and cutest) post you’ll compose all year, and highly sharable too.


In case you forgot about the time before DVD and Blu-Ray, June 7th is here to remind you of that other machine we used to use: the VCR. You might be scratching your head thinking “how the heck am I supposed to use this?” but really, this is a huge opportunity to play up that nostalgia factor that’s so fashionable right now.  If you can, post a picture of one of your company’s old VHS tape covers; that alone will make for some pretty interesting content. But better yet, dig up some old video to post. Just think of the clothing, the zany colors, the HAIR! Even if your business doesn’t have any video materials of its own, you can still come up with content around VCR Day. Make a list of your favorite outdated technologies and why you miss them, compare the frustration of VCRs “eating” your tape to an annoying problem that your business solves, or just post about something in your industry that once seemed like a great solution but was replaced with something newer and “better.” This is a unique opportunity to stand out with quirky content, so just have fun with it.

Father’s Day

Similarly to what we said about Mother’s Day last month, it’s OK to use Father’s Day as a relevant way to promote your products and services as gift ideas. That is, as long as you have something appropriate to offer. But what if you don’t? What if you’re a law firm? Since no one is really going around giving their dads gift cards for legal representation, find another way to sneak the holiday into your plan. Fathers are notorious for giving advice, so why not write a blog post like “The Most Important Lesson My Dad Taught Me,” and tie it in to your area of practice. Are you a nail salon? Use the assumed irrelevancy to your advantage and post a funny graphic of a burly man getting a pedicure, urging your audience to think outside of the box for gift ideas this year. You might not get a rush of father/daughter appointments on the 16th, but you’ll definitely remind your clients that you have a sense of humor (and that they need to get their nails done!).

Social Media Day

Mark your calendars, because June 30th is not a day to miss! Launched by Mashable in 2010, Social Media Day is now officially recognized by the states of Michigan and Nevada, 8 US cities, and several other municipalities around the world. Needless to say, it’s kind of a big deal. The purpose of the day is to “celebrate the ways in which social media has changed our lives for the better. It's also a celebration of people, who make social media so fun, useful, informative, and enlightening.” So what should you do? GET SOCIAL. A simple tweet wishing people a happy Social Media Day will suffice, but you should really leverage this opportunity to thank your followers for supporting your brand. Run a contest, put together an infographic showcasing the growth of your following, post a thank you video, or blog about ways social interaction with your customers has changed your product for the better. Share with your audience and encourage them to keep sharing with you.

Need an example? Check out our post about last year's event.


School’s Out For Summer

June marks the end of the school year for many kids, so find a way to work in some summer vacation content to your plan. Have any suggestions for keeping kids safe during some of the more risky outdoor activities? How about a checklist of summer camp essentials to help pack first-time campers? And don’t forget about the parents. Whether they’re stressing over childcare options or looking for creative ways to spend quality time with their kids, you’re bound to find a way to relate.


NBA/NHL Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs are well underway and there's a ton of buzz surrounding them, so use this opportunity to engage with the basketball fans in your following. Offer up some predictions for the finals, make a list of the best moments in playoff history, or even caption some still shots to get your favorite players "talking" about your brand. And don't forget about the NHL Playoffs. Last month, we gave you some ideas surrounding the Stanley Cup, and since the games will continue rolling into late June, it's still a really relevant topic. So if you haven't used it yet, there's still time.


As the world’s oldest tennis tournament, Wimbledon holds fast to some interesting traditions that have been around since its inception. If a tennis match itself doesn’t apply to your brand, try connecting to the event based on some of these customs. As a rule, competing players must wear an all-white uniform. Sell clothes? Put together a guide to interpreting dress codes (after all, what does business casual really mean?). As a nod to the use of ball boys and ball girls to keep the event running smoothly, why not post a tribute to some of the unsung heroes at your office? Some other beloved Wimbledon traditions to consider: the designated day of rest, the continued use of natural grass playing surfaces, and of course – eating strawberries and cream!

Tour de France

The cycling event kicks off in late June, and this year marks the 100th edition of the Tour.  It’s a long, grueling event where endurance is the key, so if you need a way to relate the race to your brand, there are a couple avenues you can take. Think about what you offer that makes a strenuous or time-consuming activity faster, or at least less difficult. Did you just complete a major project that presented incredible obstacles? Talk about the struggles and how the accomplishment at the finish was well worth the burn. Or, since it’s a major anniversary year, go with the history angle. How has your industry (or if applicable, your company) changed over the years since the Tour started?

Have some fun and employ these events in your content marketing strategy for June. And of course, check back next month to get your dose of great ideas for July!

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