Should You Hire an Agency or Build an In-House Team? A Conversation with Casie Gillette

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By Jill Fecher

This month, I sat down with Casie Gillette, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at KoMarketing to discuss her time working at both an agency and as an in-house marketer.

Changing Perspectives

After three years at KoMarketing early on in her career, Casie decided to take the leap and pursue an in-house marketing role. This role gave her a broader perspective, with exposure to channels like radio and tv, instead of a digital focus. It also gave her access to the general goings-on that agencies are usually not exposed to with their clients, having relationships with the sales and operations teams

Casie returned to KoMarketing after a few years to get back into the fast-paced and more varied environment that she was missing while she was in-house. That’s one of the most amazing things about an agency - every day is different, and you get to work with so many cool clients and industries!

Agency or In-House? 

As with many things in marketing…the answer is, it depends. Having an in-house team is amazing for the shared knowledge that the team will hold about the company, the product or service, the culture, and more. No one knows it better than the people who work with it every day. 

It is also a lot easier for the team to have insights into what is happening across the company, and not just with marketing, which allows them to tailor their marketing based on those other factors, and for the other teams to have a better sense of what marketing is doing, and how they are involved in it. 

On the flip side, hiring an in-house marketing team can get really expensive, and can be a big issue when it comes to finding the perfect jack-of-all-trades types needed to keep up with all of the platforms and media used.

Agencies can help relieve the stress of budgeting for full-time employees, and they already have a talented pool of well-trained marketers who are itching to help with marketing efforts! Agencies can help fulfill the duties that may take hiring multiple in-house employees to accomplish for a lot less than their salaries would cost.

With an ever-changing environment, like digital marketing, it’s great to know that there’s a team out there to help you who has the latest knowledge available. Marketers at agencies are constantly on different platforms, interacting with various accounts, and understanding how each platform behaves and how they are unique. An in-house marketer might not have as much time to invest in each channel as agency marketers do. 

Conversely, agencies are not a part of the day-to-day operations of the companies they are working for. Are they going to fully be able to grasp what your company is, what you do? Are you able to budget enough of the agency’s time to make it worthwhile? Is the agency a good fit for your company?

Listen to our latest podcast episode to learn more about the differences between agencies and in-house teams, and see why both may (or may not) be a good choice for you!

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Author's Headshot
By Jill Fecher


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